About me

Laurie Drew

Artist statement

Utrecht-based artist Laurie Drew unveils a world where chaos and harmony coalesce. Spanning a range of disciplines, including time-based art, abstract painting, sculpture, landscape installation and performance, Drew's body of work defies restrictive categorisations.

With abstract painting being the foundation of his practice, he moves between themes of growth and decay, light and dark, order and disorder to blur the seen and unseen, prompting us to question the currents that flow beneath the surface of reality— the depths of the unknown.

Whether in his atelier, gardening, or painting live alongside musicians, he keeps his work in constant motion and conversation with its surroundings. While each artwork is free, they're equally harnessed by the interplay of light and the viewer's proximity to the canvas, existing in one form—for a moment— only to transform in the next.

Currently, Laurie is working on a landscape installation at the De Nijverheid, Utrecht, where he has his atelier. Alongside his painting, Drew is collaborating with a film maker and musicians to experiment with techniques for recording the intricate details of his live painting process.