Drink and Draw

During the live painting events called ‘Drink and draw’, visitors at De Nijverheid are invited to practice their drawing skills with nude models and live music.

“It was initially started to get fellow artists, creatives performers and members of the local community together in a safe space to practice their life drawing skills, experiment, have fun and get ideas, in a completely relaxed informal space with like minded people and a bar.

In the initial Drink and Draws we worked in live collaboration with our partners in Mexico No Es Una Galleria. Using live feeds, collaborators interacted visually with life drawing, painting and live music played unilatterally between Utrecht and Mexico City. As the years have gone by Drink and Draw has developed with ever growing support from a core group from Utrecht and De Nijverheid into a platform for artists & performers in all walks of their careers to come together and create magical unexpected experiences.

Buy or Burn

Together with the Mexican group ‘No Es Una Galeria’, Laurie brought the event ‘Buy or Burn’ to De Nijverheid. Here, selected artists from Netherlands, Mexico and the UK got together in a unique event where their work was auctioned live. The choice of the audience is to buy their favourite artworks or to see them burn in a tragic way.

The Garden

“An ongoing project is the garden at De Nijverheid. It’s my palette and the place where I train my eye, constantly assessing and re-assessing the colours over the course of the day. Whenever I’m in the garden, my brain is always working, subconsciously absorbing the shapes texture and form. In many ways the garden I'm creating is like a big evolving canvas with a flow and energy of its own and so I treat it as such, this has lead me to explore more sculptural elements in my artwork.

Using height, depth, colour and earth works, i try to create an adventure for whichever creature enters the garden, hopefully leading them to find a habitat where they can be concealed and find rest, a place of undisturbed contemplation and peace.”